Books of Laurens van Rooyen

Here you will find more information about Laurens van Rooyen’s piano booklets, and about the books in which he describes his experiences and conceptions with and of music.

Besides being a pianist and a composer Van Rooyen is also known as author of piano booklets that make his music accessible to a large group of young musicians attending music schools and conservatories. Who enjoys listening to music on YouTube will notice how popular Van Rooyen’s music is; lots of young talented musicians posted their own renditions of Van Rooyen’s work.

In his autobiographical work Letters to a child prodigy, Van Rooyen offers readers a behind the scenes glimpse of the fame and the fortune. He comically describes his concerts, audiences, his managers, record label moguls, fellow artists, but also describe the relativity of it all.

The passaged about his personal incentives and emotions behind his music and his tutoring of children during their musical journey are disarmingly sweet.

His second book Beethoven was a small business owner too contemporarily describes every artist’s struggle to keep performing on a high level and continue to reach their audience. The downward spiral that the music business is currently in, with cd sales dropping to an all-time low, forced Van Rooyen to explore new ways to reach his audience. He comically describes the fact that great composers like Chopin, Beethoven, Rachmaninov and Mozart sometimes had to do some out of the box “tricks” to keep their careers going. Their most famous pieces sometimes even came about by accident. Today’s small business owners can learn a lot from these old masters. 


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