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november 4th, 2012Starla Jackson

I have enjoyed playing your piano music since the 1980’s. It is like no other. Thank you.

oktober 22nd, 2012Sue Mei

THis is the first time I ever listened to your music. I love them very much. Thank you!

july 15th, 2012June Whiteman

Your music is right from the heart and feeds the soul. My favorites are "Sunshine" and "Al Fresco". I was fortunate enough to find your CD "From Laurens with Love" on the Internet. Thankyou for sharing your musical talents with all of us!

june 26th, 2012Cherie Yager

I heard one of Laurens piano pieces on the radio and wrote down the title of the song, I thought I did any how. Is there a song called 

Al Fresco? It was on the CD Laurens with love.
I am so inspired by Mr. Van Rooyens music.
I would love the sheet music for this song.

april 24th, 2012Elmer swanepoel

Ek luister gereeld na jou musiek op die DMX kanaal wat heeldag in my huis speel. Ek luister eerder na musiek as TV kyk omdat ek dan meer as een ding kan doen en nie slegs op een plek hoef te bly nie. groeten



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