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july 18th, 2015A special combination of boattrip and concert.

A welcome surprise! A boattrip along a typical Dutch river, with beautiful Manors of the Golden Age on the borders, followed by a special concert of the well-known Dutch pianist and composer Laurens van Rooyen.

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april 25th, 2014Laurens van Rooyen received a decoration: Knight of the order of the Netherlands Lion

Last Friday 25 april, Laurens van Rooyen awarded Knight of the order of the Netherlands Lion by the Mayor of the Stichtse Vecht Mrs. Mirjam van ’t Veld.

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january 23rd, 2014Laurens van Rooyen focused on a cooperation with a Russian Pianist

Laurens van Rooyen is inspirated by the Russian music

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january 24th, 2014Concert Cultural Sunday great succes; Television braodcast NCRV NL2

A very nice program of topmusici with a special message!

The premiere on the 12th of January in the GeerteChurch in Utrecht was immediately a great succes and took the attention of the televisionstation.

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Inspirational journey to Singapore & Malaysia

At the beginning of 2013 Laurens van Rooyen will visit Singapore and Malaysia. The goal of this trip is to gain inspiration towards globalizing the Laurens van Rooyen brand and making new contacts. Van Rooyen’s music can be heard frequently in Japan and South Korea.

january 7th, 2013Laurens van Rooyen is working on his second book Beethoven was a small business owner too

The book is a compelling and sometimes hilarious human interest story about a musician who wants to remain at the top of his field and reach his audience. With historical stories and contemporary anecdotes. The vivacious story of a contemporary musician. Title: Beethoven was a small business owner too. The book is expected to be published around the summer of 2013.

september 24th, 2012Laurens van Rooyen plays at Desmond Tutu’s honorary doctorate ceremony

In the Martini church in Groningen (Netherlands) Van Rooyen plays Song for piano at the ceremony for Desmond Tutu’s honorary doctorate that he received from the University of Groningen.

Van Rooyen donated Song for piano to the Medical Knowledge Institute as a theme song for a radio show that addresses better health in South African townships. 

november 21st, 2012Let’s Twitter-symphony for Achmea (Dutch insurance company)

The Let’s Twitter-symphony premiered during the Pension Expedition event by Achmea. It was composed by Laurens van Rooyen and performed by the Amsterdam Student Orchestra. The Let’s Twitter-symphony, commissioned by Achmea Academy director Wilma de Bruijn, was also released as a cd.


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