Orchestral music
Orchestral music of Laurens van Rooyen

Over the years, Laurens van Rooyen wrote and composed a plethora of symphonic pieces, theater productions and cantata’s, usually commissioned. He also composed the Dance Opera Orfeo, together with dance music composer Geert Huinink. Under the name “orchestral music”, here’s a list of Van Rooyen’s biggest concerts of the past 15 years:

  • The ghost of let it be: a musical fairy tale about children and the environment, with lyrics by Robert Long
  • The vanished mistress: a theater production with song and dance by Sanne Dia and Sonja Volten
  • The Domcantata: a cantata with lyrics by Ina Brouwer, celebrating the 750th anniversary of the Dom tower in Utrecht (Netherlands), performed by the Toonkunst choir and told by Henk Westbroek.



  • The Rabocantata: a special assignment celebrating the leave-taking of bank director Ko van der Maas. Lyrics by Ina Brouwer, performed by the Toonkunst choir and told by Henk Westbroek
  • Dance Opera Orfeo: a cross-over between dance, classical music and opera. Performed by dance group ISH and told by Porgy Franssen. It premiered in October 2005 as the opening of the Amsterdam Dance Event
  • The Bosperus Suite: a co-production with the Kulsan Foundation which brings traditional Turkish music in the theaters. Van Rooyen used traditional Turkish and Greek instruments for this piece: the ney and the ud.
  • Let’s Twitter: a symphony that was composed especially for Achmea (Dutch insurance company) and was performed at the November 2012 Pension Expedition event by the Amsterdam Student Orchestra. In 2013 a simpler arrangement will be made for the Amsterdam Teaching Orchestra.



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